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Apps for Tradeshows and Conventions

Apps for Trade shows and Conventions will keep your attendees informed like never before.  Now trade show attendees can have everything they need for and from your show with then at all times!

Other great app features include:

  • Using Twitter hash tags, attendees can view and participate in real time with all your sessions!
  • In-app alerts are great for schedule/room changes or even announcing winners for drawings
  • Session schedules with room locations and even presentation materials!
  • Event news
  • QR scanner for coupons and web addresses
  • Sell merchandise from your in-app store
  • Take and upload photos inside the app
  • Embed your social media channels and your own private wall
  • Increase e-mail newsletter subscribers
  • Attendees can take pictures in the app and upload them real time for RSS feed viewing during the show!
  • Map with directions for shopping, hotels and restaurants
  • In-app advertising is great for show sponsors
  • Private app comments wall
  • Attendees can participate during the game by voting or surveys!
  • Keep in touch with your previous year attendees and get them ready for next year's show

As you can see there are many many benefits for trade shows and conventions building apps for their attendees!

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