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Apps for Schools

Apps for Schools will help your staff, students and parents keep up to data on your school information.  Schools are rapidly changing and technology is at the center of the change.

Contrapption enables 1:1 Computing in the classroom by embedding your LMS platform and courses into the app.  Your app becomes the one place your students need to go whether they are in school or at home.

Other great app features include:

  • Everyone in your school is up-to-date on all your school information
  • In-app alerts are great for announcing school closings, emergencies or important events
  • List your multiple contact methods (website, phone, email, map)
  • Map all your away games with turn-by-turn directions
  • QR scanner for QR codes on your for booster discounts
  • Take and upload photos inside the app
  • Embed your social media channels and your own private wall
  • Increase e-mail newsletter subscribers
  • Embed your blog in the app
  • Include your You Tube videos of your school events
  • Include a mobile LMS for 1:1 Computing in the classroom
  • Use the built-in store for selling school espirit de corps

As you can see there are many many benefits for schools building apps for their staff, students and parents to use!

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