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Apps for Bands and Radio Stations

Apps for Band and Radio Stations will help keep your fans more engaged then ever before possible.  Now bands and radio stations can give there users one place to go for all their fan based information and even allow their fans to contribute to themselves!  

Other great app features include:

  • LIst all your concerts with turn-by-turn directions!
  • NEW! Let users preview music tracks and even purchase them from iTunes (iOS) Digital7 (Android)
  • Keep your fans up do date on your events (concerts, signings, special events, charity)
  • In-app alerts are great for announcing your new events or entertainment
  • Fans can take and upload photos inside the app, great for your social media sites
  • Embed your social media channels and your own private wall
  • Increase e-mail newsletter subscribers
  • Keep your fans up-to-date with your blog in the app
  • Include your You Tube videos of your conceerts and events

As you can see there are many many benefits for bands and radio stations building apps for their potential buyers and sellers!

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